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You have asked for more training, communication, recognition, and opportunity. We’ve heard your concerns. We’ve read your comments. We’ve made an effort to address our opportunities and celebrate our successes.
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Each year in March, Women’s History Month provides an opportunity to honor generations of trailblazing women who have built our nation, shaped our progress, and strengthened our workforce.

The theme of this year’s month-long observance is “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories.”

From the National Women’s History Alliance: “Women have long been instrumental in passing on our heritage in word and in print to communicate the lessons of those who came before us. Women’s stories, and the larger human story, expand our understanding and strengthen our connections with each other.”

This month, we’ve celebrated the women who inspire us.

Take a look at this photo collage with submissions from our team, who shared with us the women who inspire them!

Developing Our People is one of our Five Core Focus Areas at Village. Our most recent New to Role 10-Week Leadership Training series wrapped up last Friday with a graduation celebration!

These ambitious team members committed to challenging themselves to learn and strengthen their GREAT Leadership skills and take the next step forward in their personal growth. The 10-week session spanned the full spectrum of our business, from financial analysis to coaching and developing your people.

The CSM’S and ASM’s had two different paths, but their goals were the same; fortifying and solidifying their knowledge and learning new tools to make their workday more efficient by utilizing existing processes.

As Zendra Anthony noted, “The learners were engaged and gave a lot of feedback. We asked what information they needed, we lined up the SME’s (subject matter experts) to teach them, and now they know whom to go to for help and who the experts are.” Knowing HOW Area Leads and Supervisors can support and WHO to go for help was a big take-away from the sessions.

Friday was the final class, and a celebration was held to honor and celebrate all who participated. The associates shared what they had learned and provided feedback to improve future learning programs.

Take note: this is a win-win for all involved! As a team member, one of the key benefits of working at Village is that you can build a career here. As a company, Village benefits by investing in our people and providing them with the tools they need to build their careers and be successful each day.

Leader Call to Action: 

  • Be available and on the lookout for Associates who are looking to advance their careers with Village
  •  Answer questions and suggest positions in which they can learn new skills
  • Connect associates to resources and other team members who can support their growth

ASM/CSM Call to Action:

  • If you’re already a CSM or ASM, and would like to expand your knowledge, build your skills and create a support network, we’re planning another 10-week session soon. Reach out to your supervisor or HRBP for information. Check out Jenn, CSM at Store 453, sharing what she learned during the series.

Associate Call to Action: 

  • If you’re interested in the role of CSM or ASM, talk to your supervisor, Store Manager, or HRBP about what skills you need to learn, keep an eye out for job postings, and continue to learn by asking questions of your peers and teammates

Watch the Compass and Axonify for ways to grow! Check out the pictures below from the final day and celebration, and a video here of Ali Sumas, who led the series, sharing her thoughts.


At Village, we believe that we should all be able to live and work in a society where all people have a sense of inclusivity. All five of our core values are intertwined with this mission: Act With Integrity, Respect For All, Care Deeply, Challenge Yourself, and Welcome To The Family. 

This month, we’ll highlight some leaders at Village who’ve stepped forward to share their stories, accomplishments, and how they’ve found success.

See Kendall Clark, our HR Business Partner for the East, sharing what Black History Month means to her. Thanks Kendall!

What is Black History Month?

The origins of Black History Month are rooted in the 1920s, and it came to be for two reasons: recognition and importance. The precursor to this month-long event was conceived by Carter G. Woodson, a historian and founder of The Journal of Negro History, who believed that history books and educators overlooked or even suppressed the role of black Americans. Black History Month isn’t just about celebrating the achievements and contributions of black America; it’s rooted in the idea that equality and acceptance come from mutual understanding.

It wasn’t until the 1970’s that “Black History Month” as we know it gained widespread acceptance, and Gerald Ford was the first president to recognize its importance in American culture. He called upon the public to “seize the opportunity to honor the too-often neglected accomplishments of black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history.” Since then, each American president has issued Black History Month proclamations.

Partners in Caring and Feeding Our City 2022

Village celebrates Hunger Action Month

Village Supermarket stores all worked to fight hunger for Hunger Action Month. This year, our city stores joined the fight! ShopRite stores fundraised for Partners in Caring and Fairway and Gourmet Garage welcomed our first-ever Feeding Our City campaign. Our stores collectively raised over $250,000 to fight hunger in the communities we serve. Keep reading for some awesome stats and great photos of the store teams!


Congratulations to our Self-Check Out Winning Teams!

Partners in Caring Winners: ShopRite of Pelham Raised $3,955.00


Feeding Our City Winners: Fairway of 74th Street Raised $3,623.00


Congratulations to our top 10 Partners in Caring Hunger Fighting Cashiers!

  1. 294 ShopRite of Springfield: Julie Mornhinweg
  2. 633 ShopRite of Absecon: Tara Reed
  3. 601 ShopRite of English Creek: Terri Baldwin
  4. 245 ShopRite of Morristown: Mary-Kate Dombrowski
  5. 633 ShopRite of English Creek: Francine Bruno
  6. 273 ShopRite of Chester: Cristina Matasaru
  7. 273 ShopRite of Chester: Randy Clark
  8. 443 ShopRite of Stirling: Mei Hsieh-Li
  9. 443 ShopRite of Stirling: Patricia Schieni
  10. 294 ShopRite of Springfield: Monique Janthas

Our top ten cashiers single-handedly raised $19,692.44 over the 5 weeks!

What an amazing contribution to an important cause. Great job!

Results are in! Congratulations to our 8 Village Stores who will be featured on the Cheerios box! This was a super competitive year, and it’s no easy feat to get a spot on the box. Overall, ShopRite stores raised 1.3 MILLION DOLLARS to fight hunger in the local communities we serve. Great work!

  • Union (#7 Overall in Wakefern)
  • Stirling
  • Pelham
  • Marmora
  • English Creek
  • Hillsborough
  • Springfield
  • Landis

Each year, Americans observe National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15, by celebrating the histories, cultures and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America.

Started as just a week-long celebration in 1968, it was expanded into a 30-day period by President Reagan in 1988. The day of September 15th is significant because it is the anniversary of geographies such Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua claiming their independence. Mexico and Chile celebrate their national days of independence on September 16th and September 18th respectively. Also, Día de la Raza, which is October 12, falls within this 30 day period.

Why do we celebrate? There are an estimated 56.6 million Hispanics living in the United States. This equates to about 17.6% of the country population. Hispanic Americans have contributed to American life since the American Revolution, and have fought in every war since. Hispanic Americans continue to have representation in our country- as small business owners, veterans, teachers, doctors, store leadership, department managers, among many other professions. Hispanic Heritage month allows us to recognize their contribution and achievements to our national story.

How is Hispanic Heritage Month celebrated? The month is celebrated in a large variety of ways. As several other celebratory holidays fall during this month — such as the independence days of several Latin American countries — concerts, parades, food fairs, festivals, dancing, and more are organized throughout. Educational events like art exhibitions take place as well, highlighting important Latino heroes in history. Cooking is another big way to celebrate! From pull-apart arepas filled with savory ingredients to learning the Spanish word for meatball – albóndiga – before digging into one! If you are a big fan of Mexican food, cook with and discuss the spices and ingredients that make these dishes special, such as cumin and paprika, corn, chili peppers, shredded beef and chicken, beans, tomatoes and more.

Each year, the Sumas family provides scholarship opportunities for Village Associates and their family members who are pursuing higher education. Neither Nick or Perry Sumas had a formal education when they came to the United States in search of the “American Dream”, but they cared deeply about those who worked with them.

In 2022, we’re pleased to have expanded the award to forty $1,000 scholarships and for the first time ever, two $5,000 scholarships. Please join us in congratulating these exceptional members of our Village family and wish them luck on their future endeavors!

Thank you to all of our associates for submitting photos of their dads or submitting photos of yourself with your kids! Thank you for all you do for both your Village family and your own family at home.


This June, we celebrate our young, resilient team members who are graduating this year. Please join us in congratulating them as they take the next step of their journey.

Our leaders and our fellow team members couldn’t be more proud of the work that these essential heroes have done for their family, friends, and neighbors. If you see these grads in store, wish them well on their continuing education and wish them luck!