New to Role 10-Week Leadership Training

Developing Our People is one of our Five Core Focus Areas at Village. Our most recent New to Role 10-Week Leadership Training series wrapped up last Friday with a graduation celebration!

These ambitious team members committed to challenging themselves to learn and strengthen their GREAT Leadership skills and take the next step forward in their personal growth. The 10-week session spanned the full spectrum of our business, from financial analysis to coaching and developing your people.

The CSM’S and ASM’s had two different paths, but their goals were the same; fortifying and solidifying their knowledge and learning new tools to make their workday more efficient by utilizing existing processes.

As Zendra Anthony noted, “The learners were engaged and gave a lot of feedback. We asked what information they needed, we lined up the SME’s (subject matter experts) to teach them, and now they know whom to go to for help and who the experts are.” Knowing HOW Area Leads and Supervisors can support and WHO to go for help was a big take-away from the sessions.

Friday was the final class, and a celebration was held to honor and celebrate all who participated. The associates shared what they had learned and provided feedback to improve future learning programs.

Take note: this is a win-win for all involved! As a team member, one of the key benefits of working at Village is that you can build a career here. As a company, Village benefits by investing in our people and providing them with the tools they need to build their careers and be successful each day.

Leader Call to Action: 

  • Be available and on the lookout for Associates who are looking to advance their careers with Village
  •  Answer questions and suggest positions in which they can learn new skills
  • Connect associates to resources and other team members who can support their growth

ASM/CSM Call to Action:

  • If you’re already a CSM or ASM, and would like to expand your knowledge, build your skills and create a support network, we’re planning another 10-week session soon. Reach out to your supervisor or HRBP for information. Check out Jenn, CSM at Store 453, sharing what she learned during the series.

Associate Call to Action: 

  • If you’re interested in the role of CSM or ASM, talk to your supervisor, Store Manager, or HRBP about what skills you need to learn, keep an eye out for job postings, and continue to learn by asking questions of your peers and teammates

Watch the Compass and Axonify for ways to grow! Check out the pictures below from the final day and celebration, and a video here of Ali Sumas, who led the series, sharing her thoughts.