We launched this app for our Associates over a year ago but many Associates still aren’t aware of this incredibly useful tool. Do you know you can see all of this info in the palm of your hand anytime you’d like?

Our Associates can use this app to…

  • Check their current and next week’s schedule
  • View their current and previous time card
  • See how much PTO they’ve accrued

The timeclocks and paper schedules have some of this info as well, but you can view it anytime they’d like by logging in to the Kronos app using their VG/VS/VM user name.

  1. Search “Kronos Mobile” in the Apple App Store or on Google Play for Android, or click the links on this line to go straight there
  2. When it asks for a server, type in: https://krweb.wakefern.com/wfc
  3. Your User Name is your vgxxx, vsxxx, or vmxxx ID (all lowercase)
  4. Your Password is the same as your LINK password, or the same one you use to view your paystub online

If you need to reset your password or you’ve never made one before:

  • Reset your password by going to myaccount.wakefern.com
  • Call the Wakefern Help Desk at 1-800-339-0495 and follow the prompts

If you’re a first time user and never created a password before, your password will be Welcome (with a capital W) plus your 9-digit employee ID number.

  • For example: Welcome300123456

We hope you find this app useful and it saves you some time!