Spring AEM Survey is going on now!

Make your voice heard and participate in this year’s Spring AEM Survey which runs from March 7 through March 27. The survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete, and your responses are sent directly to Glint, a third-party vendor, who makes your confidentiality a priority so no one will know how you’ve answered.

Before you take the survey, please read the three helpful tips below:

  1. To access the survey, you can choose one of two ways: You can sign in with your 5-character employee ID and password (same password used to sign into LINK, Axonify, and Electronic Paystubs) OR using your 12-digit employee ID and birth yearImportant: Please close out of all browsers before and after taking the survey and make sure to sign out after completion.
  2. You can take the survey on any of the following devices –  Desktop: A link will be available on the LINK homepage, TC-70 Handheld: The survey will be accessible through the Soti-Surf app.
  3. While taking the survey, you will have the opportunity to give feedback for each question. You can leave a unique comment for each question or provide general feedback at the end of the survey. Please take the time to provide constructive feedback (e.g., descriptive, specific, focused on solutions). Note: Leaving a comment is optional and if you have a specific concern or want to submit a formal complaint, please see your designated HR Business Partner.


See your Store Manager or HR Business Partner if you have any questions.