On behalf of the Sumas family, we are so proud of this year’s PIC efforts! It has been a tough year, one filled with challenges across the board. The fact that our associates and customers were able to raise nearly $200,000 to fight hunger in our local communities is something to truly be proud of. In a year when people need our help the most our store teams stepped up and delivered. We couldn’t be anymore proud or in awe of this accomplishment in such a trying year. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Perry Blatt

We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank all our stores for doing everything they could to make Partners In Caring a success. 2020 has been a crazy year in all possible ways, and our teams managed to get past the hurdles and bring in the donations!

You’ve all performed admirably; in a year with modified contest conditions due to the pandemic, we were surprised to see that you raised almost as much money as in 2019. We are a company that cares about the communities in which we operate, and individually, our team members have a real impact on feeding families who may otherwise go without food.

Village Super Market, Inc. has raised enough to provide 594,711 meals to those in need.

This is no trifling figure; each year, our teams play a huge role in preventing families in our neighborhoods from going hungry.

Our teams were obviously motivated to increase their totals in the final stretch of the program; in the last couple days of fundraising, you raised an astounding $33,000, which is 17% of our total funds raised! Team Hillsborough continues their winning streak from 2019, achieving the top rank in our fundraising contest in 2020. You guys are a model for engagement and community spirit — way to go, team! In the final days of the program, these motivated Associates surpass every expectation and went for gold.


We’re also the top player across the entire co-op, and we’ll share those figures when they are ready. However, in order for any of this to count, you must submit your PowerPoints to Wakefern by 5 PM on Friday, 10/9. Don’t miss your chance to be on the box by making a clerical error!

We can’t thank our teams enough for participating in Partners In Caring every year; it’s one of the biggest tools we have in our fight against hunger, and you meal real, tangible differences for the people who live in our towns and cities. Start saving up your ideas for next year’s program so you can get the edge on your competition!


Take a look at the events that your fellow team members have held this year and the vibrant displays they put together! Other Wakefern members could learn a thing or two from these creative individuals: