Take Your Child To Work

Take Your Child to Work Day is always a fun opportunity for Village to show our littlest customers what your parent/grandparent/guardian does every day when they go to work. However, things look a little different this year while everyone is being told to stay home to protect their health. Your loved one is still going to work because grocery stores are one of the most important businesses that need to stay open so that people can still buy food and other household necessities. They’re what we call essential. Your family member is needed at their job now more than ever, and this is why they’re true heroes to not only you, but to so many people. Thank you for sharing them with us. Together we are Helping Families Live Better every day.

Village has decided to bring the tour you would normally take on this day at the store, to your home! This packet has lots of information about the jobs your loved one and their co-workers do each day, along with fun activities on every page!