Customers more than ever want contactless convenience as part of their shopping experience. With the ShopRite Deli and More App, customers can place deli orders and for some stores catering, bakery, and box orders from the comfort of their homes and right from their phones. Then their orders will be ready for pickup at the store whatever time is best for the customer. This is also extremely useful right now for custom deli orders while our deli service counter is closed.



All the tools they need to place their orders are right here on our ShopRite Deli and More App, which is available on Apple iOS mobile devices and Android mobile devices as well on a computer through an internet browser



We want as many customers as possible to enjoy the convenience of this tool and we need our Associates’ help to get the word out to customers. We’re having a contest to see which store can drive the most Deli and More orders! Here’s the contest info:


  • Contest Dates: Monday, June 15th – Saturday, July 11th
  • Winning Store’s Prize: Outdoor BBQ Party!!! Craig Lutzca, head of foodservice, will be manning the grill
  • How to Win: The store that has the largest increase in weekly Deli & More orders from baseline after the contest period will win the prize. The store must have an increase of at least 50 orders per week average to qualify.  We will do weekly check-ins to view the leader board.


If you see a customer in the deli or placing an order at the deli order kiosk, please be sure to let them know about the Deli and More App.  You can point them to the counter-signs we made, which contain a QR code.



Just ask them to hold their phone’s camera over it and the ShopRite Deli and More App will open in their device’s App Store or their browser. Let them know that if they have the app, next time they don’t have to wait, their order will be ready when they arrive!  Cashiers can also let customers going through their line with deli products know about this great feature.  Everybody can play a part in helping their store win this contest.  Let’s see how many customers we can get to use this app!


(Please note that the ShopRite Deli and More App is available for all Village Super Market ShopRite stores  EXCEPT White Oak)




Q. Where do I get the ShopRite Deli and More App? 

A. You can download it on Apple iOS mobile devices here and Android mobile devices here as well use it on a computer through an internet browser

Q. What items can I order via the App?
. Currently, the App offers the same variety of slicing meats and cheeses you’ll find in store and online. Also, some stores offer catering, bakery, and box items.

Q. How do I see a full list of the products I can order on the App?
 Products are listed in the menu – click the menu button at the top of the screen (it looks like an open book and says Menu) and you will see the 8 main product categories. Once you select one of the main categories you can scroll to see the selections or use the “filter” (looks like a funnel I the upper right corner) to further sort and filter your choices.

Q. Can I customize my deli order?
 Yes. Options are available including slicing preference (shaved, sliced thin, standard thickness, sliced thick) and quantity (pounds). You can also add notes on each item should you have request.

Q. Can I choose a pick-up date and time?
. Yes. At check out, the App will offer dates and times that you can pick up your order. If you select a time or date that is already taken by another customer, the App will prompt you to pick again.

Q. Why can’t I get to my past orders? Why don’t I have any past orders?
 To view past orders, you need to login to the App using your username and password. Any orders placed via the App (when you have logged in) will then be listed for you. Orders placed at the deli counter in the store or via ShopRite from Home will not be listed in the App at this time. If you did not log in to the App when you completed a past order (meaning you checked out as a guest), those orders will not be listed in Past Order.

Q. What if I don’t have a username/password to log in with?
 You can register/select a username and password via this Deli App. Once you set up your account via the App, it will sync with

Q. I have a account but I forget my password. What do I do?
. You can reset your password via the App by selecting “Forgot Password.” You will be sent an email to reset your password. Please note that you will not use this new password when also logging on to your account.

Q. What if I don’t want to create an account to order my deli meats and cheeses via the app?
 You can checkout as Guest.

Q. Can I see my past orders on
. Past orders listed on the App are ONLY the products ordered via the App when you are logged in. If you do NOT log in to the App with the username/password, the App will not save your past orders.

Q. What are these instructions that pop up over the screens when I try to use it?
. The first time you use the App, you will notice “Coach Marks” — instructional screens and helpful hints that detail features of the App and how to use them. They will not show up after your first time through the App, unless you uninstall the App then re-download it from the cloud.

Q. Does this App send push notifications? What are push notifications?
. If you select “Allow” the App will send push notifications when generated by ShopRite.

Q. How do I modify an order?
. Should you have a change to our order, it’s important that you call the store as soon as possible, due to the perishable nature of deli products

Q. How do I cancel an order?
. Due to the perishable nature of deli products, it’s essential that you call the store AS SOON AS POSSIBLE should you wish to cancel an order.

Q. Can I pay for my order on the app?
. Currently, you will pay for your order at the store during checkout. Planning and programming is underway that will allow you to pay via the App in the future.

Q. Where do I pick up the order I placed via the App?
A. You will need to go to the deli section in your store. There will be a designated refrigerator with your order. Your order number and name will be on the outside of your order package. Be sure to review the contents of your order PRIOR to checking out.

Q. Can I use the app in store?
A. Yes. You can place deli orders at participating stores via the App while inside a store.

Q. How do I get notified when my order is ready?
A. Each time you submit an order, the App will prompt you to choose one of the following ways to receive your order notifications: • Email • Text • Email AND Text Notification • No Notification

Q. What if there is a problem with my order? (incorrect/missing item)
A. At ShopRite we strive to give you the best service possible. Should there be an issue with any order placed via the App and you are still at the store, please visit the stores’ customer service desk. We recommend that you ALWAYS review your order’s contents before checking out or leaving the store. If you are at home and notice an issue, please call the store and they can assist you.

Q. Why is there a price discrepancy?
A. We strive to make sure the prices you see while shopping on the App are the same as those in the store. If there’s a discrepancy, the in-store price will be reflected on your final receipt. Sale prices are based on our weekly circular which is in effect from Sunday to Saturday. To ensure that you receive the current week’s prices, you should schedule your pick-up time no later than the Saturday of the current week. If there’s a discrepancy, the in-store price will be reflected on your final receipt.

Q. Why can’t I check on my deli order on the website?
A. The ShopRite Deli App is currently available for Apple and Android mobile devices. We will be adding a website version in the future.

Instructional FAQ

Q. How do I shop?
A. Here are some general steps to help you use the App:

1. You must always select a “Home Store.”

2. After selecting your home store, click Place an Order (if you want to shop from Past Orders, click Past Orders and login.)

3. Confirm the name/location of the store where you wish to pick up your order.

4. Products are in the menu – click the menu button and you will see the 8 main product categories. Or use the search box.

5. Once you select one of the main categories you can scroll to see the selections or use the “filter” (looks like a funnel in the upper right corner) to further sort and filter your choices.

6. You can also choose the “scan” feature (looks like the barcode lines similar to the scan feature on ShopRite from Home) to scan product you have on hand.

7. Now, order product, add slicing preference, quantity and any notes (if needed).

8. Then, click Add to Cart

9. When finished, go to your Cart and select your pickup date/time. You can also review your order. Remember: actual prices in store may vary and sale prices effective Sunday through Saturday in accordance with our circulars.

10. Similar to ShopRite from Home, each day the store allots certain times for deli pickup. The App will prompt you to pick a new slot if that one is already taken.